As medical science stands on the brink of discovering the magic of what our own and indeed another's stem cells (here I am talking about umbilical chord stem cells) can do to assist the human body in healing itself CCDH has launched this new site to keep you informed of the latest breakthroughs in applied specific frequency technology (energy medicine) as taught to Jeanne Ames the originator of CCDH by her Angels and Masters in Absolute Truth and Integrity. For the story of Jeanne's beginning into this amazing journey of exploration and discovery her book Darkness is Only Light Not Switched On is available from Amazon and her other websites below will fill in the journey since then for you.



In 1999 Jeanne came across an article in a newspaper which reported a man who was dying of a blood disorder – then having had the stem cells from eight different baby's umbilical chords injected into him, at the end of a week he was not only recovering but had changed his blood type. In that moment of reading this information from the newspaper Jeannie's Angels came to her and in the ensuing conversation told her that every organ and system in the body has a stem cell origin and that she would be taught how to access this stem cell frequency from brain memory to stimulate healing and repair of the human physical body in a way never used or accessed before. Indeed in 2002 when Jeanne suffered what was supposed to be a fatal heart condition she used along with all the other CCDH "tools" stem cell frequency healing on herself.

CCDH and Jeanne's angels were way ahead of the information and developing technology now being brought into the public domain by the scientists and marketing media. The site below will give you more information on what stem cells can do for YOU and what scientists have discovered to date.


The basic premise and teaching of CCDH is that your human brain has specific memory of its chord stem cell frequency and this memory can be used by specific application to stimulate a powerful and clear regenerative healing response to all the diseases known to mankind. The application of specific frequency – your specific stem cell frequency – can be accessed by you with simple easy to apply mental exercises as taught in workshop one of the CCDH course of workshops.

Disclaimer: Always consult your doctor for all illness and disease CCDH stem cell frequency healing can work alongside orthodox medicine and is not intended to be used instead of orthodox medicine.* Double blind trials have to be performed on all drugs before they are licensed for use by human beings so it makes sense to not only harness all the scientific orthodox medical help that is available but also to use and unlock the power within your mind your own frequencies stored specifically applicably to you in your own brain.

There is a second equally powerful aspect to accessing your stem cell frequency. By learning how to tune into your stem cell frequency you slowly being to change the way you think. Clear old ingrained habits both inherited and self created – it can change your life in ways you never dreamed possible. The hard work has been done by Jeanne and her Angels all it takes to begin using your very own brain remembered stem cell frequency is to participate in a CCDH workshop One. From there if you wish to evolve with the process there are workshops, information and indeed a live line to Jeannie www.diamondpsychicliveline.co.ukdevelop as you choose and evolve with what you are discovering.

*Disclaimer: CCDH makes no claim of a cure for everything and is complementary to orthodox medicine. CCDH is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases or illnesses. As in all health situations, qualified professionals and doctors should be consulted.

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